What is Vaastu Shastra

The term Vastu Shastra has its roots in Sanskrit. ‘Vaastu’ means the place of residence and ‘Shastra’ implies scientific implementation. Many people assume it only to be a religious practice, but in reality, it bears scientific proof as well. It is a compound of architecture, astrology, science, and art. 

Understanding Vaastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is one of the most ancient Indian scientific disciplines studied by numerous sages and pedagogues. Vaastu Shastra had been practiced since the Indus Valley Civilization. The architecture of the house, temple, roads, gardens, towns, waterworks and other constructions are followed by the principles of Vaastu. Even today, the excavation of these sites bears the imprints of the same and for that Vaastu Divyarshi provide the best Vastu Solution In INDIA.

Vastu Shastra aims to help attain harmony and prosperity in our lives by boosting the positivities around us and simultaneously eliminating or counteracting the negativities. It can be easily calculated that we spend a huge portion of our lives inside a building. It includes our school, college, office, doctor’s clinic, movie hall, hotel, restaurant and the best of them all, our home sweet home. No matter wherever we are, we are always exposed to the energy of the universe, which can influence our lives in both positive and negative ways. And since we spend so much time indoors, the building and even its plot determine which influences we get exposed to.

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Vaastu Shilpi

Vastu Shastra evaluates and determines how a building, its interiors, and furnishings can be planned and placed so that it keeps on getting only the positive influence of the universe. It channels the elements of the universe, namely, earth, water, fire, air, space along with cosmic energy, magnetic field, solar and lunar cycles. It helps the inhabitants (let it be an individual, family or an organization/ business) attains progress, prosperity, and harmony.

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Ancient sages and pedagogues have acknowledged the secrets of utilizing these five elements of the universe to enhance the lives of people. In the present era, the theory of the Vaastu principles is practiced and implemented by Vaastu specialist to ensure the betterment of people’s lives. These days, expert Vaastu consultants also recommend designs or patterns to channel positive energy. Currently, Vastu Shastra has become very popular, not only for residential space but also for commercial and industrial analysis. Nowadays, people are becoming more focused on enhancing their health, wealth and spirit. We feel proud to share that Divyarshi provide the best Vastu Solution India. 

Divyarshi Vastu consultants India can complement your life in various ways.

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  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and true potential.
  • Enhancing personal relationship.
  • Improving mental and physical health.
  • Acquiring spiritual knowledge and growth.
  • Ensuring the best usage of space that helps you attain prosperity.
  • Improving personal and professional skills.
  • Magnifying your business prospects.

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